Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Some more happenings...

I've been terrible about blogging...seems like most of my days are spent cleaning in circles and taking care of kids and the house! But I love it, here's a bit of our last couple months:
                   The kids and I took a trip to New Mexico to visit the Sanchez family! lots of fun!!!

                                                The kids had a fun time at our ward party.
                                                                  My two little loves.
                                                                  Kisses for Brother.
My sweet little man.

Josh turned 30! :)

We've had plenty of this to play in! Paisley loves it. Josh and I, not so much!

(Christmas post to come...eventually! And a Paxton update. He's 9 months already!!!)


James and Elizabeth said...

You have two of the cutest kids I know. I love little Praxton's smile. He is adorable.

Eric, Vayana, Bryant and Jordan said...

Gosh I just remembered about blogspot.com and realized I haven't done anything on it since 2011. You're so good! You have super cute kids. Can't believe so much has been happening since we last caught up. Mom's life!! like you said :) I wish we could hang out if only we were in the same area. Hug and kisses to all of you from our family to yours.