Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Almost time for Baby

(Lukily we live close enough to my Mother in Law so I can come use her computer!)

I had another check up today for our little guy. I will be 37 weeks this saturday and we are getting excited that he will almost be here!! A friend threw a baby shower for me this past weekend and it was so much fun and we got tons of cute stuff for our baby boy. Everything is set up, ready and waiting for his arrival...just need to get a bag packed. He is growing good and likes to move all over the place. He still doesn't have a name yet, but will sooner or later. :)
Paisley is getting super excited to have a little brother. She is obsessed about being a big sister. So I hope she will be a big helper and I hope Josh and I can try our best to keep her life as normal as posssible. I don't want her to feel neglected or pushed to the side once the little guy gets here. She loves anything baby and will ohh and ahh over babies on tv or at the store and loved all the cute outfits and blankets from the shower.
I can't wait to see how things will change in our family in the next few weeks and hope we can make a smoothe adjustment.
I will keep everyone posted with the arrival of baby #2...I can't wait!!! :)