Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Tree '11

Michelle and the boys came up this weekend so we decided to decorate the Christmas tree. They literally did it in a matter of minutes, but they did a good job spreading them out. Paisley didn't hang any ornaments, she would just hand one to Cale or Bryce and have them hang it.
All the rest of my Christmas is in storage so its nice to at least have a tree.
(Don't mind Paisley's outfit, she dresses up EVERY day and for some reason wanted to wear her doggy leash while decorating!? She is her Father's Daughter when it comes to crazy clothes combos!) :)

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James and Elizabeth said...

I love the Tree. Gwenevere wears dresses everyday. She thinks she can only dance in a dress and gets mad at me when I dance in pants. hahahahha crazy girls.

Hope you are feeling well.