Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Jordan's weekly Email


I am so grateful to have been able to talk to you all this last 25 of December in Brasil. I am so grateful for all you who love me and send your love in emails, packages, letters, and prayers. I am so grateful for my family who give me inspiration and bring me the direct revelation that I need in the moments that I need them. I am so grateful for my Mom and Dad who I admire so much. I can feel their love and I miss them terribly. I am tremendously grateful for my brothers who act like they don't love me ha. but I know that they do. I am so grateful for my Grandmas and Grandpa who make me laugh in their letters and give me support and news about how the Trailblazers are doing and how Kobe is a joke ha. I am so grateful for all of you who are taking this time to read what a 20 year old kid is writing. I want to say, "thank you." I've thought about this life so much this December and what is the purpose of it all. I know I haven´t found the secret to life but I think I got at least a hint.

It's you. It's my parents. Its my brother's, grandparent's, sister-in-law's, nieces, and friends. I am here to let to know you, learn to love you, and to help you and me return to our Father in Heaven. This life has challenges but why do we dread them? They are glorious opportunities to grow and become a little more of who we should be. Why can´t we smile when its raining and windy outside? Remember somewhere, someone asked for the rain. Or give thanks to our Heavenly Father when one of the people we love is taken from this world? Because in Spirit World he has a purpose and will help hundreds of people. I won't claim that I am perfect in looking for the silver lining in the hard thinks but I am learning to, "that all these things shall give [me] experience, and shall be for [my] good."

I love the story of the Saviors birth and I had the chance to read it this Christmas. And I found a few things that I didn't see before. The first was something that Sister Hart commented in the Christmas conference that we had with President. She talked about the angels that brought, " good tidings of great joy," she commented that the angels that sang in Celestial Choirs were not resurrected angels but pre-mortal angels. And I like to think that I had the opportunity to bring tidings declaring the birth of the Savior 2 times. When I sang in a Celestial voice (and I know that Johnny Brown was in the Choir too) and I have the opportunity now to lift my voice to declare the things that I knew and I am blessed enough to know now! and the second is in verse 7:

And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn.

I think the reason that Mary did not give birth in the safety and comfort of an inn I think is very symbolical. First I think that it was Mary´s mission to be humble enough to accept the humblest of conditions as we have to accept hard things in the conditions that we do not always choose. The other thing that makes me really feel something for my Savior is that The King of Kings, the Lord of Lords was born in a manger because he was simply rejected by the inn keepers. Jesus Christ was born into this world having already been rejected by many. He grew up and was the great teacher and soon after was rejected again. I know that my Savior had a purpose on this earth. I know that he was born, lived, and died in the face of rejection and hostility. I know that my afflictions are only but a moment in the eyes of the Lord and i know that he has already walk the road that i am traveling. I love Him.

I am so grateful for my Savior, Jesus Christ. He lives and is calling us back home. Lets make a goal this year to LISTEN and FOLLOW that sweet sound of our Saviors voice.

te amo,
elder brown

Monday, December 26, 2011


We had a very Merry Christmas. Here's a few highlights.
Paisley had fun playing with her very own nativity.

We opened just a couple things before church...

Santa brought her a Baby Alive...a couple movies, books and some candy...

She got a fun recliner...a cute little ballerina doll to dance with and a ton of princess stuff!

She started out opening presents in her Christmas dress...then came Belle...

and then Tiana...

and finally she transformed into Snow White...

Our Paisley is definitely the princess of the household. She is super girlie, sassy, smart and thinks she is the boss! She likes to test us but we know life would be boring without her. We love our Paisley Girl!!

We had fun opening presents and watching the excitement and happiness in her face, but one of the best parts of Christmas was getting to talk to Jordan!! He called about mid afternoon and talked about and hour or so. It was good to hear his little Brother voice and to hear more about the area he serves in and more about Brazil. He talks funny a little bit, but speaks English good enough...for now! :) He says they have their work cut out for them down there and they stay really busy but there is nothing better then the mission. He sounded good and we were happy to hear from him.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Tree '11

Michelle and the boys came up this weekend so we decided to decorate the Christmas tree. They literally did it in a matter of minutes, but they did a good job spreading them out. Paisley didn't hang any ornaments, she would just hand one to Cale or Bryce and have them hang it.
All the rest of my Christmas is in storage so its nice to at least have a tree.
(Don't mind Paisley's outfit, she dresses up EVERY day and for some reason wanted to wear her doggy leash while decorating!? She is her Father's Daughter when it comes to crazy clothes combos!) :)