Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween

We had a fun day yesterday. Paisley and I went down to Josh's office for a work party. They did a chili cook off and let the kids trick or treat from desk to desk. Paisley had no shame and would straight up grab handfuls of candy for every ones bowls! That's my girl, she loves her candy!
After that we all headed home and went to a party. We did some trick or treating with friends and ate lots of food and candy!! Paisley's legs were "tired" and needed to be carried a bit, but it was fun.
We came home and went around our neighborhood. By the time we got home she must have gotten a second wind..or was already on a sugar high!? And almost ran from house to house talking about how she wanted more and more candy!
After a few houses we came home checked out the goods and handed candy out to the kids who came by.
She originally said she wanted to be a butterfly, so we bought wings and a cute little tutu. After she got some princess dresses for her birthday, she quickly changed her mind. :) Of course she couldn't be anything else but a princess. She chose to be Rapunzel. She wouldn't wear her crown but she would wear this nice little hair piece I found at the $1 store! I think she was cute and we only ran into one other Rapunzel.
We had a very Happy Halloween, hope you did too.


HiLL said...

jocelyn is going to be sooooo jealous :D love the costume! so cute! love you guys! let's play soon!

Ling Ling said...

Paisley is too cute. I can just imagine her grabbing handfuls of candy. I already ate most of the chocolate candy from Gwenevere's bag. hahahaha