Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Baby Update

So I am now almost 18 weeks and tomorrow will be officially 4 months pregnant! I had an ultrasound a couple weeks ago but the baby didn't feel like cooperating so I go back in this Thursday for another appt./ultrasound and we should know whether this little one is boy or girl. I can't wait and can't believe how the time is flying by! I feel good so far. I've been feeling more hungry lately but haven't gotten to the eating in the middle of the night stage, thankfully! :) And still continue with my Zumba class a couple times a week. (if you haven't tried it...you have too, its sooo fun!) I'll take a belly pic eventually. Josh told me it looks like I'm "showing", but I just feel like its more of a muffin top then usual....we'll see.
Meabwhile, here is a pic from baby center of what the baby "looks like"

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James and Elizabeth said...

The second Pregnancy goes by soooooo fast. I can't wait to see your muffin top. And way to go with the zumba classes. You Rock.