Friday, October 21, 2011

Birthday Girl

Paisley turned the BIG 3 last week! She had a super fun birthday week and a pretty fun party too! My Mom flew in last Wednesday so she could celebrate with her and Paisley enjoyed having 2 Grandma's with her at the same time! Paisley was spoiled with attention, toys and treats! I had fun getting the party together and was thankful to have our parents here to help(and Josh of course). Paisley is all about anything Princess. So that's what we went with when planning the party. We had a tea party/princess theme. The girls had cute tutus with fun costume jewelry and the boys got shields and swords. There was plenty of food and fun friends to visit with! We all had a good time and Paisley is still talking about it. I wanted to do a fun, big party for her since this is the last year she'll be our one and only...but, I think next year we'll tone it down and do a family birthday!

We let her open a few gifts from family on her actual birthday. She pretty much loved everything she got. More princess stuff of course! She is definitely a girlie girl! We are just in shock how much of a little girl she is and by how smart she is! She surprises us everyday and we couldn't love her more!


Starlie and Nate said...

happy birthday princess lady! and congrats on the sequel! thats so exciting!!!

James and Elizabeth said...

Paisley is so adorable. and the tutus are so cute. It looks like a fun birthday indeed. Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl.