Tuesday, August 30, 2011


...according to my phone.

We went to the Fair. Where Paisley milked her first live cow without any hesitation! We also entered one of Johnny B's zucchini's and it won a Blue ribbon!

We've also been able to enjoy lots of fresh fruits and veggies from Johnny's garden. Here is the first delicious and juicy watermelon and one of his enormous zuccchinis! He's also got a ton of tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, cabbage, collard greens, and corn! He's a serious gardener! :)

Grandpa helped Paisley plant some tomatoes. She waters them everyday and checks on them all the time to see if they are red yet. Well today was her lucky day, she picked her first ripe tomato and then carried it everywhere! She was pretty excited!!

While Josh is busy at work...the girls will play! We've spent many days by the pool and at the aquatic center with friends and love every minute! Paisley is usually out after five seconds in the car!

We've been loving summer and don't want it too end!! Take your time Fall and Winter!


James and Elizabeth said...

Thank goodness for Camera phones. That watermelon looks so yummy. Happy Summer days.

Starlie and Nate said...

that was a big zuccini! (no idea how to spell that) and you guys went to disneyland??? wow i am so jealous! that looks so fun- and that is so awesome that paisley got first place, I honestly believe she is the cutest little girl, I would have voted for her. I LOVE her curls