Tuesday, August 2, 2011


My parents recently moved to California to take care of my Grandparents. So we were lucky to stop and stay with all of them for a couple days. My Brother Michael came up for the weekend so that was a nice bonus! They loved having Paisley around and had fun watching all the crazy things she does and says. We ate plenty In N Out and Jack in The Box. Along with a lot of other good food.

My Nana has dementia so every day was like a new day for her! :) She doesn't remember who any of us are but it was fun to spend some time with them both. Despite the memory loss, there is still that familial connection and love felt. And its almost like getting to know her all over again. She is so relaxed and is a great Nana! It was funny too, every time she would see Josh or if he would stand after sitting for a while she would say, "wow he's a tall guy, huh?" "he's really tall" EVERY TIME! Because she would forget she said it like 3 times before! I guess its not really funny, but kinda is at the same time. Gotta find joy in the journey right!? :)

Paisley had fun skate boarding with Uncle Michael.
I'm not sure why they are both half naked!?
Its nice to visit family in a place that is warm and sunny! I love Washington, but 80 and sunny, perfect!

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Martincrew said...

So Ashly it was so fun to see someone we knew from Oak Harbor! I found your blog off of Beckys, I hope you don't mind if I follow?!