Monday, July 25, 2011

Aloha Festival

Saturday we went to the Layton Aloha Festival. We had entered Paisley into the Baby contest, and guess who won!?

This crazy, cute girl! She couldn't wait her turn. She literally cried the whole time till they called her name. She ran right out on stage waving, smiling, and blowing kisses! She loved being on stage and didn't want to leave! There were definitely some cute kids, but she was my #1!
We also had fun walking around, listening to Hawaiian music and watching the luau performance! We had some tasty Hawaiian food, but went down to Bountiful for that!
Gotta love "Mo' Betta Steak"!!


James and Elizabeth said...

I saw your Mom's post about Paisley winning on Facebook. SO COOL! She is so cute.

Sheila... said...

go paisley!!! way to represent!

Filipino Mama said...

Paisley is so CUTE!