Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Family Time!

(Top 3, Picture credit to Ciera)

I literally took hundreds of pics while I was there...didn't want to miss anything. Here are just some of the things we did while at Grandma's.

Paisley and I were in Washington for a couple weeks and were able to be together with all my siblings, Grandma and my Nephews. My Sister, her boys and my Grandma had never met Paisley before this trip! Crazy right!? So we had a blast catching up, visiting and just being together!
Paisley loved having her cousins around. Cale is super sweet and smart. Bryce is a character and so similar to Paisley...this made for an interesting time. They played, argued...and played and argued. But when the time came for Michelle and the boys to fly home, Bryce of all people was asking if Paisley could come home with them! Too funny. But it was nice for them to get to know each other and have so much fun being around each other. We did all kinds of fun arts and crafts, Easter egg hunts, spent time at the park and the beach, saw "Rio", ate breakfast together, watched Tangled...a lot, played Candy Land, played with Grandma's dog (Zoe) and took lots of pictures! It was so nice to be together, I think it helped to strengthen the bonds that were already there and made us all a bit closer. It was definitely a little piece of Heaven for Me (as well as for my Mom, this hasn't happened since mine and Josh's wedding, almost 5 yrs.)...I'm lucky to be able to spend eternity with them!


We like to party... said...

yey for family time!
Those flowers are amazing.
And, I'm not sure what to do about Kai's blankey. I think I'll let her hang on to it for another year and if she doesn't grow out of it then we are going to have to make a trade.

Alysha said...

Yay Ashley! This post made me smile. The Emerson's had a little reunion last weekend too, and it was the first time all four of us kids have been together since my wedding. It's kinda funny the things you and I have in common. Your pictures are great!