Monday, February 7, 2011

Time Out

I had the chance to attend the Ogden Time Out for Women this weekend with my Mother-In-Law. It was great! The whole experience was much needed. And I cannot wait to go again, I went to another a few years ago with my Mom in Bellevue, Wa. and I don't plan on waiting so long in between this one and my next. I totally recommend TOFW to anyone who is reading this, they are inspiring and uplifting and you leave feeling 100 times better than when you arrived. They introduced me to a lot of new online tools or references for LDS women:

You can check out the schedule for TOFW 2011 at along with daily blogs and clips from the various TOFW speakers from around the country. where they do interviews. (Stephanie Nielson, Nie Nie Dialogue (blog) is a new TOFW speaker! And has been interviewed here.)

And You can also follow them on Facebook. :)

This is a quote I found on their website.
Its is from Deanne Flynn who we were able to listen to this weekend and she was great.

"Mothers provide a constant, steady foundation for the family. And though many of us may feel weak and imperfect, hardly "rock-like" at all, we simply must resist the urge to feel powerless and undervalued.
We must hold on to the bar...

no matter how rough the ride...
or how long the journey.
Our families depend upon it."

The speakers were just able to make me feel good about being a Mother, a Wife, Sister and Daughter. They strengthened my testimony in the Gospel and helped me to feel content and happy with my life...not wanting more or something I don't have. They help you see different perspectives and just make you feel happy. I loved it, can't say that enough. :) I hope you check out the website, even if you aren't able to go, there are stories up and lots of links to read and learn something from.


The Palmer's said...

I've been to FOUR TOFW events. Aren't they THE BEST?!? Great for women of all faith, and in every stage of life. Very uplifting, like you said.

James and Elizabeth said...

I've never been to a TOFW but they sound amazing. Thanks for sharing. I'll have to check out the websites.

Starlie and Nate Schmutz said...

I totally know what you mean- I love those! Happy Birthday by the way (however long ago it was!)