Saturday, December 18, 2010

Santa, Take 2

We had our ward party last night and it was really nice, with great food and a fun singing program. After all the entertainment, they had Santa of course.
I was following Paisley and she walked on the stage at the exact moment they opened the curtain for the Special Visitor.
I didn't know what she would do, I thought she would be scared and not want to see him. She turned around and realized why everyone was clapping and cheering, not for her obviously. :)
She walked straight over to him and put her arms up. He picked her up and she sat on his lap, no problem!

She wanted to share her candy with him...

And then he gave her the treat bag.

I was kind of glad she happened to walk on stage when she did because then we didn't have to wait forever in the long line.

When we headed to the car I asked her what she wanted from Santa this year and all she said was candy! Guess we can return all the things we've gotten her so far for bags and bags of goodies!? :)

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James and Elizabeth said...

Way to go Paisley. Gwenevere was not happy with us trying to get her to sit on Santa's lap.