Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Tree

Paisley has been asking for a tree for a while now, so yesterday we finally got one. I wanted to go to a tree farm and cut one, since that's what I did growing up. But I wasn't a fan of the prices (maybe next year). So we decided to go and pick one out from Wal Mart!(it was either there or a parking lot, we needed some other Christmas things so Wal Mart won) :) They were all wrapped up so Josh just grabbed one. They were all the same size, I wasn't wanting a super big tree since we're only in an apartment but it fits and Paisley is happy to see it every time she wakes up or whenever we come home.

I should probably put more ribbon on it, but don't feel like going to the store right now.

Paisley putting her ornaments on!

Don't hate on my car...she's been with us since we've been married and has gone through a lot with us. Here is our first time strapping a tree to her. Don't mind the dirt, the snow can really get things dirty, she can clean up nice! ;)

Paisley had fun playing in the mini trees...

And here she is telling me her favorite thing...No! Isn't she sweet!?

(Amanda isn't a fan of pics of B. online, but she was too cute with this wig on not too share! She is a such a happy, easy baby and is fun to play with.)

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