Sunday, November 14, 2010


So I got a call from my Bishop earlier today, but missed the call...and sadly I did not call back. But he is persistent and called me again earlier this evening.
And dropped the bomb I did not want to hear..."I would like you to speak in sacrament." Neither telling me or asking me, tricky.
So I said yes.
I know it'll be good for me.
And this is where you all come in.
He asked me to speak on what we can learn from the scriptures that we can use today? Of course there is plenty material to talk about, but I was hoping you could share a favorite scripture story, something that has helped you or something you have learned from a particular story or two?!
My mind is going crazy with stories and I can't sleep, I guess I'll write my ideas down and hopefully add some of yours!
I would appreciate some input.


Roemhildt Family said...

oh boy what a topic. You could say just about anything and it could relate to the scriptures. Lately I've enjoyed reading/learning about parenting through the scriptures.
2 Nephi 25:26 is my favorite. As a parent how often am I referring Gwenevere to look unto her savior. I know a man that said his month taught him the gospel at every opportunity.

Roemhildt Family said...

How's your talk coming along?

Starlie and Nate Schmutz said...

I love Alma 5-its where I gained my testimony. Good luck! Those really are the scariest calls, they are getting more experienced it sounds like at asking, I"ll have to watch out. Knock on wood.

HiLL said...

Is it weird that as you said scripture stories I thought of the Bible stories?! Hmm... Well, with this time of season you could focus on Christ's stories... his birth, his life and miracles, the atonement...

I have always loved the 10 virgins. And as this BLIZZARD has come I've been mindful of how well I've been prepared and NOT been prepared for it and ran to the store last minute for some things!

You know, this is it. This is what I'd recommend:

At church our Sunday school teacher asked us what the last thing was our prophet said to us. She'd had a non member come up to her, ask some questions about our church having a prophet and this lady was amazed and excited. Really? What has he said? And my teacher was stumped... what what the last thing he said? hmmmm. So she challenged us to at least study that and remember that!

He spoke on An Attitude of Gratitude and in that talk he shared the bible story of the 10 lepers and how only 1 came back to thank him... In the book of Luke, chapter 17

That's what I would prob talk about. It goes with Thanksgiving :D And do you remember that electricity story? You dont appreciate what you're blessed with until it's gone. And why don't we thank our Father in Heaven more often for granting these blessings?!

No matter what you say you will do great. Just pray for the Spirit. It will be perfect! GOOD LUCK!