Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

This past weekend and all this week Josh has been checking out all the Black Friday ads, online and the ones that came in the mail. And yesterday he asked me to sit down with Him and make a list of what we wanted from certain stores. He was super excited about going, not sure why, but he was!
So we made our list, ate some Thanksgiving dinner and that night headed out to the first stop, good ol' Wal Mart. We drug poor Paisley along but luckily Nancy came and sat in the car with her while Josh and I ran in (since she was sleeping...Paisley, not Nancy :) He headed for the PS3 games and I wanted a mini chopper and hand mixer. (I didn't have one...but, I do now!) Most of the time spent in the store was waiting, you couldn't start grabbing things till mid-night.
About 5 till you could seriously hear the roar of people on the other aisles and then all of a sudden I was being pushed involuntarily toward the mini chopper I was hoping to get for a whopping $2.97. The kind lady next to me made it there first then handed me one. With a quick thanks I made my way down to the hand mixer. Grabbed one of those and headed to the register, I got a call from Josh, he was already in line with all the games he wanted!
I later found out that Josh had literally gotten down on his hands and knees and was reaching between peoples legs to get the games he wanted!(seriously!? my Husband!? I was so proud!) ;) He was excited and enjoyed the thrill. From the time we grabbed the stuff, checked out and then headed to the car it was only 12:05! Good, right!? :)
So, we went home and all slept. Josh and Nancy got up about 3:40 am! And then headed to Target...I continued to sleep!
Best Buy followed...
I woke up around 8-ish thanks to Paisley. Josh was still not home.
I text him and he said he was just now checking out at Best Buy!
He got home around 9 or so with all but 1 thing we had on our list! He was so excited and he had a great time! It was his first Black Friday experience and He was happy he got all the things he wanted and we knocked out a few Christmas gifts while he was out shopping till he dropped!
I liked all the deals, but I'm not to into the fighting crowds.
As I was standing in Wal Mart waiting for mid-night I kept thinking, look at all these crazy people! Then I realized I was there myself! :) Guess I was just as crazy for one night, one store! I'm glad Josh had fun, we'll see if he goes again next year!?
Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!


James and Elizabeth said...

hahahha Great story. I can totally picture Josh on his hands and knees. Hahahaha It cracks me up.

A hand mixer for that cheap that is AWESOME.

Crystal & Brandon said...

oh that is soo funny! i cant see josh doing that.. brandon and I tried doing the black friday thing for the first time thursday night too starting out at toys r us and when we got there the line to go in was honestly at least a mile long!!! im like no way im not doing this.. haha so we went back home. but thats great you got all your stuff!!

sheila said...

I am literally laughing out loud about Josh!!! Yes! get those games!

It's hard for me to picture him that excited.

Keoni wanted nothing to do with going anywhere on Friday.

Eric, Vayana, Bryant and Jordan said...

I could not stop laughing through this whole post of Josh doing the black friday shopping. I'm jealous I stayed up online trying to get the deals and end up with not much because I was too slow at making my mind. I guess that's why we're supposed to have a list before friday!

HiLL said...

that's hilarious! and i love it! my parents were the ones doing our shopping! hahaha they got up at 330 to go to sears and get us 2 dvd players for the car! since we are driving to camarillo ca for christmas! and some christmas tree ornaments for cheap!

i also got the bed of my dreams! well, its not the best of my dreams but its the best bed we have had our whole entire marriage! i'm sure you saw the ads for rcwilley!? headboard, 19" flat screen, sheets, bedframe & mattress set for 599! I'M IN HEAVEN! So too am officially converted to Black Friday! If you need something, that's the time to get it! But ya, those crowds! HARD CORE! :)

Shanae said...

That is too funny!!!! I have never got to experience a black friday yet, don't know if I ever really want too, but loved your story, seriously I was laughing hard picturing Josh grabbing for his games, SO FUNNY!!
You have to try it as least once right?