Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Beach

We took Paisley to the beach yesterday to swim in the pool and check out the water. She was not a fan!

As you can tell the water was really deep and the swell was huge! (Catch the sarcasm!?) I was a nice Mom and only took one shot of the sheer horror on her face before I scooped her out! She cracks us up!

(p.s. The water was actually a decent temp. Who knows with this girl...she was only Born in Hawaii!)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How Could I Forget...

The 4th Of July!?

On the 3rd we went to the North Ogden Parade. It was a nice parade and Paisley scored a ton of candy, water bottles, bracelets and necklaces! After that we headed over to Plain City to check out their festivities. Paisley enjoyed the bouncy slide and the fishing game. The good thing about Utah is, that we had some more fun 4th activities and another parade on Monday too! It was a smaller parade, but we still had fun. It was nice too because Josh was able to come with!
We all had a ton of fun! The 4th is one of my favorite holidays! I love this country and am happy to live here and proud to have family members who have served and continue to serve in the Military! Love you guys!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Back Blogging

Josh and I had our 4 year anniversary on June 10th. Thanks to a friend of ours we were able to stay the night in Salt Lake in a really nice suite! (Thanks again Derek!) (I took some pics with my phone and haven't put them on the computer yet.) We went out to the Red Iguana for dinner! Best Mexican food I have ever had! If your ever in Salt Lake you should totally try it. After dinner we went and saw Killers with Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl! Super cute! It was my first night away from Paisley in 20 months! Crazy but much needed. We are lucky to have Grandma and Grandpa here to help watch her!

We also moved out to our own place! It took a while but we are happy to have our own space and not be too far from family. (Pics to come once it's not so bare) Josh is working quite a bit and stays busy with that. Every now and then He gets to do his favorite thing and play some ball. (Extremely rare these days but he's good at providing for us) On the other hand ;) Paisley and I hang out at the pool a few days a week and just play around. I'm determined to make her a little fish like I was at her age. She is getting more brave, she like to splash now and will even jump in if you catch her. (I'd like to add that my job never ends and is 24/7! ;)

Paisley and I also went to Temple Square for the first time since we've been here this past weekend. Of course we've been to Salt Lake we just never stopped to walk around. We met up with some friends from Washington who were nice enough to lug some of our things down for us from my parent's! Thanks again to them! ;) Paisley loved the massive statue of Jesus in the visitors center and had fun smelling all the flowers and saying Hi to everyone who walked by! It was nice to go down and get to see all the things I've drove by and some things I've only seen on TV. It was also nice to walk around and feel the spirit of the missionaries, the buildings and the other visitors, it really is a special place.

(I would have the pics down here, but I can't figure out how to right click with this blasted mouse!)

On another Not so Little Girl is 21 months old today! She is something else as I've said before. She runs everywhere, never seems to sit still and is constantly repeating what we say. She puts little sentences together but sometimes its just a few words. On Sunday I came out from my closet and she looked at me and said "Dress, pretty." She's my little Sweetheart. She likes to let you know what she wants and will really let you know if your doing something she doesn't like! Either way she keeps us busy and we love her for it!

Until next time...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

No Internet

We have moved into our own place now, and are waitintg for internet. Hopefully we'll have somehting by this week... Until then we are using it when we visit Grandma and Grandpa's house!