Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Same Ol'

So a few weeks our laptop decided to crash AGAIN, for a second time, after we took it to a guy who we thought had fixed it with a new hard drive!?! Obviously didn't do the trick. I think I learned my lesson that I need some kind of external hard drive or zip drive...something to store atleast my pics on, since they have been erased twice now! But as of yesterday we are Mac Owners, thanks to Best Buy and a deal. Hopefully we won't have to worry about crashes and losing things for a long time!

Other than that we haven't really been doing anything exciting to blog about around here. Josh has been working a couple jobs and I've been taking care of our crazy Energizer Bunny and apartment hunting. Hoping to decide on the place where we will live soon.

I guess I better finish for now since my little Bundle Of Joy has a marker cap off....her nose is running... and she has some change! :)
And now has green lipstick....I wasn't fast enough, I guess there's always the bath tub!


sheila said...

LOL. If our girls were together they would get into so much mischief. And I'm going to let Keoni read your comment about complaining. You're right- if millions of women can have babies, millions of men can up up with the complaints. ahaaha!

Roemhildt Family Fun said...

hurray for a Mac. That is so exciting. As for the crazy energizer bunny baby, I've got one too. She won't stop. It's crazy.

Where you able to get your pictures back.

We are still working on getting our hawaii pictures from our old computer. grrrrr