Sunday, May 9, 2010

Logan for the Day

On Friday Paisley and I ventured up to Logan to check out the sights. We stopped by the store Nancy was working at and got some deals and then we were off to find the Temple. Good thing we could see it from standing right outside the front doors of Fresh Market! (Cause I had no idea where it was.) It is a smaller, but pretty Temple and we were lucky enough to see a beautiful bride and groom. It was fun to watch all their family and them as they were taking their pictures. But at the same time, I went to take my own pics and sorry, but they were in my way. ;)

I was also able to find Sonic, so we pulled up and made our order...a nice grilled cheese, some tots and an Ocean Water! (I Love It!)
And...accidently meet up with an Old Friend, Candice!

I hope and pray that one day she will be posing like this (besides wanting down)dressed in white with the man of her dreams!

1 comment:

sheila said...

oh, I love Ocean Water from Sonic!.

Beautiful pictures too. My parents were married in the Logan temple so it always has been a favorite of mine.