Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Personal Hygiene

We all know kids say whats on their minds, but I've been getting a few weird thoughts about how I smell!?!
So a while back when I started back at work with the kiddos, I was sitting on one of the buses in the back and a 3rd grader (girl) came and wanted to sit next to me, so I let her in. After a few minutes she told me I smelt good and that I smelled like soap....Ok... And then she asked me, "What kind of cologne do you wear?" :)

Today I was sitting next to a 5th grader (girl) eating breakfast and she said "You smell like popcorn." I replied with, "Thats weird." She then said, "You always do, what kind of perfume do you wear?"

This morning I used some B&B Sweet Pea Lotion...popcorn?!? What the H?
I love working with kids and I'm not sure why some think I smell funny?

p.s. I shower on a daily basis!!!


Crystal G said...

LOL! Ashley you are too cute! In my education class a few weeks ago, we talked about how children don't have censors on what they say and that we gotta watch what we do, say, wear etc. My professor told us that when she was a elementary teacher, she always had to check if she shaved, smelled good, flossed etc. Haha. She said that one time a kid raised her hand and asked her... Miss why do you have hair on your chin? Haha. Kids say the darnest things!

Roemhildt Family Fun said...

hahaha. That is so funny. I think Popcorn smells sexy. Just joking. At least it's not hair on your chin. That is terrible.