Sunday, January 17, 2010


The little Girl is finally down for the night so I figure I'll Blog. I don't have my comouter right now and for some reason my Mom's makes me download all the pics on my card, so I'll have to post pictures later.
But anyway, Paisley is now 15 months old, she had her check up on Monday and is still growing, slowly but steadily. She is still in the 25-50% small, but proportionate. She is sassier than ever and growing into her own little personality!
I am still working part-time and enjoy it more often than not, I get to play and eat snacks all day, whats not to love. I will hopefully be back into my stay at home Mom position in the coming months! I'm not gone for most of the day, but Paisley seems as though she could care less when I'm around, and I don't like it! I'm the Mom and thats what I want to focus on.
Josh is Job/apartment hunting,in a far off land(more on that to come)and will hopefully find something soon! Keep your fingers crossed!
Lots of changes coming to us...We'll see how it all pans out...

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Roemhildt Family Fun said...

"Life" isn't it something. I can't wait to see where life takes you. Your little girl is an angel. I have a million questions to ask you but i'm sure you don't even know all the answers so i'll just wait to see what happens. Take care.

PS Thanks for the Birthday Card.