Monday, December 28, 2009

Our Christmas

Christmas Eve Paisley helped sweep the floor.
And then had some candy cane!

Then she loaded up on some breakfast so she had enough energy to open presents.

Paisley got quite a bit of goodies. She had fun opening all of her gifts and a few of everyone elses as well.

Aaron got some new duds, and a Jordan jacket just to name a few.

Michael grew His beard out since he had a few weeks off and received quite a few shirts! All well, he'll be set for a while! He also had fun teaching Paisley the dance to Beyonce's "All The Single Ladies."

Josh loved His Best Buy gift cards (gotta have that PS3), slippers, thermal shirts and a new B-Ball...

I got a giftcard for a massage! New flat iron, and of course some new clothes...

My Mom got a few Willow Tree statues, and some sweet Bath and Body!

And My Dad pretty much fell in love when he opened his very own DVDs of Cops and his new house slippers!

Michael and Aaron also had a good time making their very first YouTube video of Aaron at the skate park. (Titled Aarons Comeback) Check out Paisley's sneaky eyes! Love it!

We all had a very fun and successful day and hope you all had merry Christmas as well!


Anonymous said...
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sheila said...

looks like fun. Especially Paisley. Kai got the same Elmo. hahaa.
Hope Josh has fun buying more PS3 games. Maybe one day Keoni will actually play with him.

Erin said...

what a fun christmas!!! i love paisley's faces that she makes in a lot of the pics! what an adorable personality!

Place Family said...

I love the sneaky eyes picture. She is adorable. My Paisley played with your Paisley this Sunday at church. They are going to be good friends!!! I can't wait for them to get older for play dates.