Saturday, December 19, 2009

Another Week Come and Gone

Paisley is such a busy bee, here are a few things she enjoyed doing this past week:

Pretending to sleep under the tree. Not to mention redecorating on a daily basis! There are no present because she would totally shred anything as of right now! Christmas Day should be fun!

And since I've been working Josh has become more "creative"? in his activies with Paisley. This is what he did the other day to keep her occupied. She loved it, as you can see!

She also loves to eat spaghetti. I usually try to keep dinner pretty clean, but thought that since she would need a bath anyway that I would just strip her down to nothing but a diaper and let her chow down. She had fun and it was fun for us to watch. I love the shot of her holding her face! She is such a funny girl!

Finally, here is a nice up close look at her shiner smack in ther middle of her forehead! She falls quite a bit and fell straight on her head the other night. She only cried for a bit, which is why we were so suprised to see such good sized bruise!I guess it will be the begining of many...and not to jinx myself, but atleast its not a cast!


The Palmer's said...

Oh boy - I don't know if I'm ready for all that!
By the way, what's your address? Email me at

Place Family said...

I loved the paisley pants...where did you get those???? You must tell me. Great pictures. She is gorgeous.

Roemhildt Family Fun said...

Hahahaha. I love it all. The food, the tree, the creative daddy time, and all. Paisley is so cute.