Monday, November 2, 2009

Oh Happy Day

Saturday we dressed Paisley up as a LadyBug! She was slightly fussy during the day, but once she realized people were giving her candy she quickly cheered up! I can't wait till next year, I know she'll have even more fun!
Hope you all had a fun and Happy Halloween!

And today I made a trip to good ol' Wal Mart and was walking by the shoe department right as the worker was marking these cute sandals down from $3 to $1!!!
So I picked up a few for Paisley for next summer! Awesome deal!


The Palmer's said...

Paisley's costume is SOOOO cute! But you know that already, right??

sheila said...

what a cute little lady bug!

oh and if you want to (Because I want to see it) you can send the invite to

2490 VIneyard Drive
Santa Clara, UT

Ckaz and Jamie Anderson said...

paisley is sooooo cute!!! she's so big now. we miss you all!!!

Roemhildt Family Fun said...

Wow. those shoes are adorable. And I love the lady bug costume.