Saturday, November 14, 2009


We finally got Paisley in for her 1-Year Check-Up on Thursday. She is now 13 months, but anyway. She grew a total of 3/4 an inch and is now 28 1/4 and weighs in at 19 lbs. only up a 1 1/2 in four months! For both height and weight she is in the 15-20%, so they are even to eachother but she is still a petite little thing! She had fours shots but took them just fine.

She is healthy and happy, which makes us happy. She copies everything we do, still loves to climb and get into everything and now enjoys saying the word "No" from time to time...gotta love it, I can't wait till shes a teen! ;)


Roemhildt Family Fun said...

Wow, i can't believe how much she growing, i mean developmentally. She is about the same size as Gwenevere.

i love all the picture.

Mom said...

Be careful what you wish for - it comes soon enough :)