Monday, September 21, 2009

Saturday September 19, 2009

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Fun and exciting day! Congratulations Jeremy and Amanda!!!


Erin and James said...

hurray for them! I was wondering when taht was going to happen! how fun to have a sister in law ;) everyone looks gorgeous!

Roemhildt Family Fun said...

I love it. Her cake is beautiful. and I love how they were kind to each other when eating the cake. I think they are off to a good start in their marriage. I love Paisley's dress, and i think it is so cool that she can walk already. She is a super baby. I love Amanda's dress, it is so beautiful, and I think Jeremy looks real good with a wedding band. I'm so happy for them. Hurray.

Crystal G said...

Yay! I'm so happy for them! Give them our Congrats and Aloha! Everything looked so beautiful!

sheila said...

so fun! Jeremy looks pimpin {thats the most we've ever seen him smile- probably because he knew what was going to be happening that night- haha}. Amanda looks gorgeous and just glowing! She really looks great.
I loved their cake. Did they smash it in each others face or play nice?
I liked Paisleys dress too. She's a cutie.
What are their plans now? I guess we can facebook them.

HiLL said...


That's what I'm talkin about! Yay! How exciting! Everyone looks great! That's also the first time I've seen your Father-in-law! You all do look lovely! If you ever think of it, tell her HI & Congrats from us! She's gotta get a blog! ;>

Mom said...

Very nice pictures! I didn't even know he was engaged :). Nancy and Johnny look great! I especially love the picture of the 3 brothers :)