Wednesday, August 19, 2009

We Made It!

Last Friday we left Wyoming and headed for Kennewick Washington. It was another bitter sweet move, since we were leaving behind Josh's Family but getting to see a lot more family! We stopped over night and saw one of Josh's cousins and her family and then off again we were to Portland to see more of Josh's side. Paisley and I were able to meet family never met before and everyone got a chance to meet our little Bundle! Paisley wasn't too sure about all the people and the noise, but we had a great time at his Grandparents! Good food, conversation and entertainment! After a few days there we were off again to good old Oak Harbor!!! It is never the same coming back but always something we look forward to. And now that we are here, Paisley has adjusted, is sleeping good and is doing well with meeting more family... the parentals and then my grandparents are in town! Its been a busy week but a really fun one and we are happy we made it safe and sound!

Paisley had fun playing with her Cousin Athena.

These Guys Jammed Out!

While we watched and cheered!

Great Grandma Riddle got in some cuddle time!

And this guy did his rendition of Weird Al's Amish Paradise!

Never a dull moment! :)

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Roemhildt Family Fun said...

And I though my family was weird. hehehe just joking. I'm glad you made it!