Monday, July 13, 2009

Nine Months In

And nine months out. I can't believe Paisley is already 9 months old, and in only 3 short months we'll have a 1 year old!! She is a sassy little thing, and she keeps is BUSY! She likes to get into everything she shouldn't. She likes to crawl, but loves to walk along things, like tables and couches. She isn't quite walking yet, but is getting closer, she will stand up and then let go but isn't too sure about taking any steps yet. Of course we still love having her around and try to keep up with her throughout the day!

I thought these two pictures could be a comparison as to how much bigger she is now (in the younger one she is 2 months and the other one was taken today at 9 months), but after looking at them I'm not too sure. At six months she was only in the 12% in height! On saturday we went to a BBQ and there was a 6 month old baby there and people were asking if they were the same age. I know 3 months isn't too much of a difference, but I thought she would look bigger when around other babies. Her nine month check up isn't for about a week and a half, so hopefully she is in a more normal range, but we'll see.

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sheila said...

I think she is normal sized. And I like that last photo of her. She looks scared of the moose.