Monday, July 27, 2009

More Fun!

Thursday I took Paisley to the Local County Fair. I think she liked seeing all the animals and hearing all the noises they make. She also had some curly fries and could have eaten them all day!

Friday we headed off to Casper to watch Jordan play in the Wyoming All Star Game. Paisley went to her first Chinese Buffet and LOVED it! I think one of her favorite things to do is eat and she was happy to try a variety of food!

We also took her swimming in the hotel pool and she had fun this time. All the pools we have tried so far are too cold and she just cries, but she had fun kicking and splashing!

Saturday we watched Jordan play and she finally learned how to clap so she was Jordan's number one fan!
We are home now and she finally has her nine month check up today, and we are hoping she is in more normal ranges than she was at the six month mark!

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