Thursday, May 28, 2009

Our LIttle Eagle

Jordan had his Eagle Scout Court of Honor yesterday! It was a fun night celebrating his and the other boys accomplishments! Jeremy and Josh got to escort him so they also wore their uniforms. Three Eagle Scouts, and they are all such good examples. I can't wait till we have boys so Josh can work with them in Cub Scouts and then in the Boy Scout program!

The Brothers...they can't really take a serious picture!

The Eagle's Nest

Jordan Serving.

Paisley and her Eagle of an Uncle.

Family Photo

They had desserts there, but I made this sweet cake!


Erin and James said...

yummy cake! how cute to have the three brothers in their uniforms! great examples!

Roemhildt Family Fun said...

that is an awesome cake. I love the brother pictures. you can tell they are a close knit family. And Paisley is getting so big.

Sibbett_Ohana said...

Good Job Ashley with the cake

Crystal G said...

Congrats to Jordan on getting his eagle! So how did everyone react when they saw Paisley for the first time? What cute pictures of Paisley with all the Brown Ohana! BTW, that cake looks yummy!