Sunday, May 10, 2009

A First For Me

So today was my first Mother's Day! We went to church, and then came home and had some dinner! Josh got me a purse I had seen a few weeks ago (its a giraffe print in green!) I loved it once I saw it! Its always nice to pick something out, your guaranteed to like it! And I figured that since it was my first Mom's Day that I should take a picture with my baby girl! She is already going to be 7 months on wednesday, its so hard to believe! But anyway, I hope you all had a great Mother's Day, hopefully you got a break!

And on another note, the other night I put Paisley down for bed in a night gown (which i don't usually do), and later when I went in to go to bed I noticed something looked different. She had kicked her way out of her diaper! She moves around a lot now when she is in bed and we found her like this! Too funny...we were lucky she didn't go to the bathroom! She was happy laying in there until she saw we were taking a picture. Gotta love her!


Roemhildt Family Fun said...

Happy Mother's Day Ashley. I love the pictures. You are a very hot mama.

Tonight Gwenevere was playing with the doll Paisley gave her. I think Gwenevere misses Paisley a lot.

sheila said...

ahhahhaha! Paisley! That is funny, I can't believe she did that. She must have been moving around a lot.
And from the sound of it, your bag sounds cute. I've seen a bag like that from a girl in our ward, but instead of green it was red. It's cute!
You guys look great!

Crystal G said...

Awww Paisley is seriously getting cuter and CUTER everytime I see her. You two look so gorgeous in those mother daughter pics. And she cracks me up! How funny that she kicked her diaper off!

HiLL said...

hahahaahah! Happy mommy's day belated! I can't believe shes 7 months! This sucks! Now all the lil ones will grow up even faster cause I don't get to see them at least 1 a week! Miss you guys! You all look so happy and settled in! That's great!!!! xoxox

Erin and James said...

hillarious! she is getting so big! 7 months, it's gone by tooooo fast! she is so dang cute!