Monday, March 9, 2009


I feel like I am losing my mind! What on earth do I need to do to get Paisley back on her sleeping through the night schedule. Last night she woke up FOUR times!!!! I didn't feed her untill the fourth time which was at 6 a.m. because I figured she doesn't need to get used to eating every time she wakes up and she isn't screaming or crying like she is starving, so she isn't hungry she just wakes up and makes noises, so I turn on her little music bear and then she falls back asleep. But I am still exhausted, she shouldn't be doing this!!! What the heck do I need to do? Its crazy because her daily schedule hasn't changed, and we have started rice cereal which apparently does not help. I guess she has had a change of heart and likes waking me up multiple times at night. Not to mention we share a room, until we leave here at least. So maybe once she is on her own it wont be as bad because I wont have to hear her...right?!?


Roemhildt Family Fun said...

oh man, that is tough. "Paisley you need to go to sleep and stay asleep." does that help? My guess would be that she has grown out of her bassinet needs a place to sleep where she can roll around at night. If you want to try you can use our crib for the next five weeks.

Grandma Tammy said...

You know what Ashley...Malakai started sleeping from 7pm to 7am sometimes earlier, as soon as Chelsea put him in his own bedroom.. then while they were here he was waking up 2 to 3 times a night and wanting a bottle.. then add teething onto that and the other night was a very long night.. They went home this morning, we had to leave by 5am and go figure we had to wake the little guy up.. he had only woke up at midnight and was sleeping so good when we got up.. I felt so bad for him... Hang in there it will get better! On another note that is good that you are not feeding her everytime.. then she wont expect to eat when she really is not hungry to begin with!

sheila said...

maybe she is teething. Are her gums getting swollen or red?
Like stated before, its good that you aren't feeding her every time she wakes up at night. She needs to get used to not eating if you want some zzzz's.
Kailani did that a few times. I usually only gave her about 2 oz of milk, or half the time of breast feeding around 3am and that was it.
Does she still not like her pacifier? You could try that again.
She might want to move around like Elizabeth said too. I know Kailani started turning around like a pinwheel to get comfy at Paisley's age.
Good luck! Thats one of the good things that come from a growing baby- she'll grow out of it soon enough.

jdprice said...

Have no fear this too will pass. We lived in a TVA one bedroom for the first eight months of Elizabeth's life. At first she slept through the night but when we got back from a month vacation she turned 6 months and stopped sleeping through the night. I thought I was going to go crazy! But then at the end of her 7th month we moved to the hales (3 bedrooms) and from day one she was sleeping through the night again. I think once babies get a certain age they just need their own space. So she should stop soon... :)

Sibbett_Ohana said...

Hey Ash,

Just checking in to see if you've gotten any sleep yet. And how is Paisley?? Hopefully as she grows she will get better sleep. But, i can't imagine being in school and then not getting sleep. If shes not fussing I would try leaving her in her Basinet or Crib she'll be safe. Also i agree! once you get your own place and she gets her own room, it will make all the difference. Hang in there! Mommy's really do sacrafice a lot for their children.(Daddy's too but not as much) LOL. Well, good luck with school say hi to Brother reeves and all the students we know. Talk to ya later.

Chelsea said...

Malakai slept horrible at my moms place, the day we got home he started sleeping through the night again. My little boy just needs his own space. Could you try putting her in the living room or hallway or something?? That might sound weird, but she wouldn't be bothered by you guys.. I would try my hardest not to feed her at night, and if you do, try only giving her a little tiny bit. She doesn't need the night time calories. Thats what my pediatrician told me. Also she suggested not getting her in the middle of the night, and just let her fall back to sleep on her own. Even though, I don't do that, I always go check on Malakai.