Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

My little baby is now 5 months old! Wow has it gone by fast! She likes to do a lot of new things. New noises, laughs, mouth movements, trying to sit up on her own, rolling over, grabbing her feet, fake coughing, arching her back, throwing fits, you know all the fun stuff! She likes to play with toys more now and anything you give her goes straight to her mouth. She makes me laugh (most of the time) and we are still having fun! She still doesn't sleep through the night, but everyonce in awhile she'll only wake up once or twice instead of four, so I guess you can say thats am improvement! She still doesn't like to smile for the camera, but I still like taking pictures of her!


surfs up said...

oh, she's so squeezable and chunky! (thats a good thing)
guess what? we get to watch the BYUH game tonight on TV. They are broadcasting it on the BYU station they have here in Utah. So give us a wave to the camera!

Sibbett_Ohana said...

Cute!! I just want to grab her chubby legs and squeeze them... I love it when they start playing with their legs while laying down so cute...Soon you'll miss this stage when they start running all over the place and making a big mess...Enjoy it while it lasts..

Roemhildt Family Fun said...

Paisley is so dang cute, i can't get enough of her. Thanks so much for the fun day out of Laie. It was so much fun.