Tuesday, February 10, 2009


So a couple days after Christmas Paisley started sleeping through the night. But the past week she has decided that she wants to wake up at around 3 and 6 and than sleep for another hour or so!!! I make sure I change her and feed her plenty before I lay her down for the night, but nothing seems to work! I still get plenty of sleep, but I just got so used to not being interupted!!! She also has her 4 month checkup next week and she can start having rice cereal soon, maybe that will help fill her up, but I really don't know why she has had a change of heart all of a sudden....Any advice or tips would be appreciated?


D+C+R+K said...

2 words..growth spurt! she will get back on track soon

sheila said...

it's just one of those things we can't control. Like the above comment said... growth spurt. They change after 3-4weeks or so then they will do something else. I think Paisley gave Kailani her sleeping pills. She sleeps wonderfully from 10pm-8:30 on the dot.

Good luck

Roemhildt Family Fun said...

I don't know what to say. hopefully Paisley will get the hint and start sleeping through the night again. once she starting eating rice cereal maybe she'll sleep better.

Derek+Hillary+Jocelyn=Williams said...

growth spurt is right. but the rice cereal will help a lot! jocelyn did the same thing and once she could eat more to fill her up through the night she slept longer. so you're RIGHT! if you can't take it i would feed her the cereal (ops)

also try bathing her before you go to sleep. that sooths and luls them off hopefully for a longer amount of time :>

you're doing grrrrrrrrreat!

Place Family said...

My Paisley did the same thing. She will get back on track soon. Aloha!!!