Tuesday, February 17, 2009

4 Months

Paisley went to the Doctor this morning, and I always for get to ask what percentile she is and they never tell me. But today I asked and then left the office without getting the answer, I guess we both forgot to figure it out. So I Googled it, I'm not sure how accurate it is because I have never seen a chart and am not 100% sure on how to read it. But she weighed 14.6 lbs. (75%) and she was 24 inches (50%), I don't remember her head size, but it looks like a good size, cute lttle head. She also had to get three more shots and took them pretty good with just a little more crying than last time, I'm just happy she doesn't really have much of a memory yet, she just sits there and stares at the lady getting the needles and vaccines ready and is just so happy till she gets the poke. After her last appointment she was her normal self and I am hoping she will be the same today. We also plan on starting rice cereal so she will hopefully stop needed the early morning meetings with my boob! So that should be fun, I hope she likes it and that it fills her up!

On another note, my surgery went good and I am less and less sore every day. I'm just happy to have it out and not have to be paranoid everytime I eat!


sheila said...

Hooray for good surgeries. Glad it went well for you.

Paisley's hair looks like it is getting longer. And she is so big- did you know she is only 1 lbs lighter than Kailani? Kai better start eating more food, or she'll get picked on. haha

Roemhildt Family Fun said...

I'm glad the doctors appointment well. And i'm glad you're feeling better from your surgery.