Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sorry Hawaii

But the countdown is on. Exactly three months from today I will be in beautiful Washington State a.k.a. HOME. Some of the things I have missed while hear in Hawaii...

Yes, even these!

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Derek+Hillary+Jocelyn=Williams said...

Sorry... I'm not happy about this. Selfish, YES!

Really! I am happy for you, I guess! I mean, what's so great about home and being with all your family, driving over 35mph and entering another state, IF YOU WISH> Seriously... do you miss Target or something? Restraunt variety and Seasons?! God made four but what's wrong with soaking up one of them YEAR ROUND!? CoMe oN!

Ok, well. That spilled outta no where! ha ha ha ha I am trying to soak it all in while we are here, but it will be fun to go home. There's no place like home. Dorthy knew what she was talking about! I love checking out your blog!

I would like to thank you and Josh for hooking Derek up with a job! IT HAS BEEN A HUGE BLESSING IN OUR LIVES! I can BREATHE!!!!!!

Mahalo Nui LOA!