Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Back To School

So classes for Winter semester started today. I can't say I'm necessarily excited, but I am happy that I am on my last and final semester. Its definitely going to be bitter sweet when we leave, but like I have said before I'm just ready to get started. I keep telling Josh I'm so ready to finally have my own stuff, I want to attempt to decorate (hopefully a house), paint, have my own furniture, etc! Josh actually agrees and is looking forward to us buying our own house sooner rather than later!

On another note as I was watching Oprah during her Best Life Week today. She had two Priest/Reverends (whatever you wanna call them) and they said that being Gay is a gift from God?.?.? I don't have anything against gays/lesbians and I'm no expert but I don't know where they got that idea from...a gift...?


Grandma Tammy said...

Hey Ashley
I know I need to download cruise picturs.. I have them on myspace but just have not on here.. Now that I am off my feet for a few weeks maybe I will get that done.. I also have a package in my car ready to be mailed to the baby, so I am going to see if Gary will take me to the PO tomorrow if the weather is not to nasty or I will just have him do it for me.. I bet you as so glad to almost be done with school and heading home,even though it will be hard to leave that beautiful place and friends..

Grandma Tammy said...

I mailed the package tonight... yeah I finally got something done... its nothing much I just thought it was cute....

sheila said...

good luck with the last semester. We REALLY need to get together soon. Ends up that we are leaving faster than we think. We might be out of here by the 24th. What are you guys doing next weekend?


Roemhildt Family Fun said...

Hey Ashley.

I just got home from visiting with you. It was so great to just talk to a girl for a while. You are the coolest person ever.

I agree with you, I'm so ready to move on with our life and hopefully own a house, attempt to decorate, and raise a family. James and I will look up houses for sale in areas that we like online. We can do it for hours, sometimes we even call it our date night. hehehe

And the whole thing about it being a gift?! Kinda crazy, if you ask me.

And one other random thought. If you want to talk to Josh about doing both our babies' blessings at the same time, we could go in on a bbq together and do them at our apartment keep it really simple and only invite a few close friends. That way, if Josh wants, all he has to do is give Paisley and name and then sometime when it's just the two of you and he feels ready, he can give her a more personal blessing. James and I have talked about doing something like that. It's just a thought. I won't push anymore, just letting you and josh know we wouldn't mind doing it together so it's not so intimidating.
But we really won't push it anymore, so if you and Josh want to do something like that, just let us know and we can work out all the details.

take care.

sharpberry said...

That is interesting, about being gay being a gift. I'm very supportive of the gay community, but I wouldn't say it is a gift or a punishment---just like being straight is neither a gift or punishment. I think sometimes some people overcorrect the discrimination gay people have traditionally faced.