Tuesday, December 29, 2009

She Found Something

Paisley has known where her nose is for a long time now, but has just recently realized that her finger fits perfectly inside! I guess She likes to make sure its still on her face every now and then.

She is a funny Lady!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Our Christmas

Christmas Eve Paisley helped sweep the floor.
And then had some candy cane!

Then she loaded up on some breakfast so she had enough energy to open presents.

Paisley got quite a bit of goodies. She had fun opening all of her gifts and a few of everyone elses as well.

Aaron got some new duds, and a Jordan jacket just to name a few.

Michael grew His beard out since he had a few weeks off and received quite a few shirts! All well, he'll be set for a while! He also had fun teaching Paisley the dance to Beyonce's "All The Single Ladies."

Josh loved His Best Buy gift cards (gotta have that PS3), slippers, thermal shirts and a new B-Ball...

I got a giftcard for a massage! New flat iron, and of course some new clothes...

My Mom got a few Willow Tree statues, and some sweet Bath and Body!

And My Dad pretty much fell in love when he opened his very own DVDs of Cops and his new house slippers!

Michael and Aaron also had a good time making their very first YouTube video of Aaron at the skate park. (Titled Aarons Comeback) Check out Paisley's sneaky eyes! Love it!

We all had a very fun and successful day and hope you all had merry Christmas as well!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Post To Come

We has a fun Christmas this year, being home in Washington with my parents and Brothers. The only way it could have been better was if Michelle and the Boys had made it! But we did have a good time, baking, eating, "talking story" and opening presents. We didn't put out any of the presents under the tree until Christmas Eve after Paisley had gone to bed. When she woke up Christmas Morning and realized all the presents were out she pushed her way through the doors into the living room. After she got over the fact that there was candy in the stockings she wanted to open her presents and everyone elses! Josh and I were able to do some shopping yesterday while my parents watched our little Angel. But She seems to not be feeling good the past couple days...she has been pretty fussy and somewhat clingy. I'll hopefully post some pics tomorrow after work. I hope you all had a fun and Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Another Week Come and Gone

Paisley is such a busy bee, here are a few things she enjoyed doing this past week:

Pretending to sleep under the tree. Not to mention redecorating on a daily basis! There are no present because she would totally shred anything as of right now! Christmas Day should be fun!

And since I've been working Josh has become more "creative"? in his activies with Paisley. This is what he did the other day to keep her occupied. She loved it, as you can see!

She also loves to eat spaghetti. I usually try to keep dinner pretty clean, but thought that since she would need a bath anyway that I would just strip her down to nothing but a diaper and let her chow down. She had fun and it was fun for us to watch. I love the shot of her holding her face! She is such a funny girl!

Finally, here is a nice up close look at her shiner smack in ther middle of her forehead! She falls quite a bit and fell straight on her head the other night. She only cried for a bit, which is why we were so suprised to see such good sized bruise!I guess it will be the begining of many...and not to jinx myself, but atleast its not a cast!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The weekend

I know the weekend isn't over quite yet, but this is what we've done so far. Friday we went and cut a tree down! Its been years since we have done this so it was a pretty fun time.

After that we had our ward party that I made two lasagnas for. Which turned out nicely. The ward members signed up and brought main dishes and deserts. I didn't bring the camera to the party but you all missed a nice rendition of the 12 Days of Christmas in which Josh was a Lord a Leaping! He had knee highs and a smock like vest thing...Hilarious!
Today I had to work for a few hours at an "Adventure Camp" for military children. It was actually fun, they had Santa, crafts and treats for the kids. Josh brought Paisley and she got to sit on Santa's lap for a second time. The first was last weekend at our wards Primary activity day. She didn't cry either time...but got close. We also had fun decorating cookies and eating tasty treats.

After that Paisley and I did some much needed Christmas shopping and only have the Grandpa's left to buy for. Its been fun so far..I just hope Paisley sleeps in tomorrow!

p.s. If you've noticed a serious improvement in picture quality thats because my Little Friend Ciera let me borrow her sweet camera! I love it! And pretty much don't want to give it back!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Paisley...The Trucker

Or sumo...or ninja. She got called all those the other day when I decided to slick her hair back into a ponytail! It looked funny more than anything but we didn't leave the house so I figured it was fine. I've attempted pigtails but for some reason they all look funny to me.

She is funny and cute no matter what, but we did get a good laugh out of this hair "do".

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I've Been

Horrible at taking pictures of anything, but especially Paisley. I have plenty of time in between shifts but seem to always find something to do, an errand to run or just end up chasing Paisley around.
Blah, blah, blah...right?!?
This is what happens when you stop paying close attention and when things get quiet...

Things could have been much worse, this was a mild "mess".
Afterwards she was sorrowful her messy actions and not cleaning up after herself that decided to read the scriptures...she needed help to see so Grandpa let her try his reading glasses...

There is NEVER a dull moment with Paisley around...she keeps us on our toes for sure!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Michael Franti & Spearhead

Check out this song, I first heard Him on Ellen weeks ago and I just love it! This is the link to youtube, I'm not sure how to post the video here.
But this song is so fun! Guaranteed to get you up and dancing around!
I dare you to listen sitting down...no way!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


We finally got Paisley in for her 1-Year Check-Up on Thursday. She is now 13 months, but anyway. She grew a total of 3/4 an inch and is now 28 1/4 and weighs in at 19 lbs. only up a 1 1/2 in four months! For both height and weight she is in the 15-20%, so they are even to eachother but she is still a petite little thing! She had fours shots but took them just fine.

She is healthy and happy, which makes us happy. She copies everything we do, still loves to climb and get into everything and now enjoys saying the word "No" from time to time...gotta love it, I can't wait till shes a teen! ;)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Photo Shoot

By Ciera! I love, love, love these pictures!

They turned out adorable and I love all of Paisley's faces!
I can't just pick a few so here you go!