Monday, December 22, 2008

Bling Bling

So I decided to take Paisley and get her ears pierced. I was nervous at first but she took her shots so well, I figured she would be fine. And she really did do good, she barely cried and then slept the whole way home. She has the little silver studs in for now, but we got her some baby diamonds as her little Christmas gift.

A few times this month when I put her in a Christmas outfit, people assume she's a boy even whe she has a headband on simply because she's weaaring red and green. I better not hear anyone call her a boy now. I think she looks cute!


our story said...

I love it I love it! I had mom do Brin's when she was only 5 days old! She didn't even weigh 6 pounds yet! It's a must do - and she looks adorable good job mom!

The Price Family said...

I THOUGHT I SAW SOME BLING IN HER EAR. I love it. I was too much of a chicken to do it with Elizabeth but I love pierced ears!

Sarah Frantz said...

Yippee. I'm so excited for you. She looks so cute and I can't wait to see her in person.

sheila said...

haha, I know what you mean about people calling your girl a boy. I just don't have the heart to pierce Kai's ears. I'd cry with her. We'll have to check out Paisley's bling though.

Kailani has that same shirt with the butterfly, but it says 'so cute', instead of 'adorable'.

by the way, I tagged you on the "4 things" post.

oh yeah, Keoni teased josh that he ran out of gas today. We thought it was funny.

Crystal said...

How cute is that! Paisley holding her Kay bag! What a lucky little girl getting diamonds for Christmas!

Roemhildt Family Fun said...

Hey Ashley,

The last comment you received was from me. I was on a friends computer while I was babysitting and forgot to change to my account. so if you get a comment from a veggie girl. That's me. hehehe