Thursday, October 16, 2008

October 12, 2008

So I guess I'll just give a somewhat quick review of the labor and delivery.

Sunday October 12:
-8 a.m. check into the hospital
-9:15 Pitocin starts through IV
-10-ish, Doctor stops in to check me out, no progress since my tues. appt. 3cm, 70%effaced
-Walked, sat, bounced on the birthing ball, watched t.v., and ate my delicious chicken broth....all day.
-4-ish nurse checks me again, still no progress, tries to break my water but couldn't. (shorts fingers I guess)
-No pain yet, just irritating tightening contractions.
-7:15 Doctor returns, checks me. I'm about 4cm now, but the baby is still too high, she doesn't plan on breaking my water...but by accident ruptures the membranes and my water breaks. (I had no idea how much fluid was actually in there!)
-9-ish,I ask for the epidural, the contractions picked up quite a bit once my water broke. I was at a 5.
-11-nurse checks me and I am fully dilated at 10cm. I feel good thanks to the epidural! I don't push yet cause the baby was still pretty high.
-12 Baby is still pretty high, I push a little to see if we can get her to move down, but didn't see too much progress.
-1 Nurse comes back in, and now I start the "real" pushing, I guess you could say. The baby wasn't as ready to join us as much as we thought. I pushed for about and hour and then the doctor was called, the baby was finally making progress.
Pushing and More Pushing
-Doctor arrives and I continue pushing.
-And finally 2:35 a.m. after feeling exhausted and not to mention starving!!! Paisley saw the light and decided to cooperate and come out!
-She was then cleaned up, and I was sewed up (yay!) Josh did great all day, he helped during the delivery and just stared at her once she came out, later holding and cuddling with her!
-Paisley tried to eat, I ate, showered, and we were moved into a nice room to recover! The nurses were great and the meals were actually good for hospital food.
-My mom also helped out a lot and Auntie Amanda got to play messenger and photographer for Grandma Brown, who I don't think slept all that night!
-It was a good experience and we are happy to finally have her here!
(some of the pictures have a little more skin than I would like to share, so here's a few pics before all the fun stuff really began)


Roemhildt Family Fun said...

Yeah!!!!! I just love all the pictures. And the details. Thanks so much for sharing. Will you come help me when I'm in Labor? hehehe

DustDust, CiCi, and RyRy said...

You look waayyy too happy to be in labor. You are lucky I guess! And Josh looks so happy, like he is actually happily smiling for the pictures, I bet he is a great dad!

Life with the Rich's said...

oh man, just reading that sounds exhausting. I'm glad you and baby are allright and healthy. We want to see you again this week. We'll give you a call.

Erin and James said...

how exciting! i cant wait for more pics ofher and you and josh! soo cute! so scared of labor now that it's not far away! but yours doesn't sound too bad, but I'm sure you didn't include all the REAL details!
CONGRATS to the parents!

Crystal said...

So stinkin' cute! Congrats again.

Keilah and Steve said...

You make it sound like it was easy! That gives me hope. She's beautiful. I can't wait to see more pictures.

Nate and Starlie said...

Yay she's here! Paisley is such a cute name too, thanks for the story on how it went! I'm extremely excited for you! I hope she sleeps at least a little at night for you!