Wednesday, September 17, 2008


(I'm bored so I thought I would share a few things I've been doing.)
So I think we are already in the fourth week of school and it is flying by just as fast as I thought. Not to mention one of my favorite things is this friday, a presentation, featuring yours truly! Yay, I just love those! I always dread doing them but it always feels so good to be done, so I wish I could just get it over with already and enjoy the sweet feeling of relief. I have a few other group assignments which are nice, you always get to share the load on those!
I have been practicing on our Wii, now that we have two remotes Josh pretty much beats me at everything. I try and act like I don't care, but he gloats and has really poor sprotsmanship! (He calls it our "family home evening" I guess there's always room for improvement.)
I can't wait for all the new shows to start! Although I have been enjoying Ellen of course.
Also my friend Sheila is throwing me a baby shower next friday at my apartment. I have invites to hand out, but if I miss someone, your welcome to come over and join in on the fun. You can check out her blog for the details!
And I think we finally have everything for the baby, last weekend we made another Wal Mart run and purchased a stroller and carseat, so I think she is set. I guess all we have to do is pack the hospital bag and wait for her to be ready! Its weird to think she will be here hopefully in less than five weeks!


Keoni and Sheila said...

hope your presentation went well. By the way I tagged you. Check my blog out to see what it is.

Eric & Vayana Boyce said...

Hey Ash!

So you're still in Hawaii? Eric told me you guys were back in Washington. Anyways, I can't wait to see your little girl. What is your mailing address? Man! Has anyone told you that you look great even though you feel like "Shrek". Been there and know what you mean but I gotta say you look amazing really! No joke. Good luck with FHE :)

Roemhildt Family Fun said...

Wow, life sounds good. We are still working on the Family Home Evening thing, usually are consists of a game of speed and an episode of the Simpson.
I can't wait for you to have your baby. It's so weird to think that within a few weeks your life will no longer just be you and Josh. Let me know if i can do anything for you. Thanks again for the baby clothes. They will come in handy.