Monday, March 24, 2014

Waaaay Behind

Man, I don't know if anyone even gets on to check out our blog anymore, but it's about time I update the thing! Back date of blogs coming soon :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Some more happenings...

I've been terrible about blogging...seems like most of my days are spent cleaning in circles and taking care of kids and the house! But I love it, here's a bit of our last couple months:
                   The kids and I took a trip to New Mexico to visit the Sanchez family! lots of fun!!!

                                                The kids had a fun time at our ward party.
                                                                  My two little loves.
                                                                  Kisses for Brother.
My sweet little man.

Josh turned 30! :)

We've had plenty of this to play in! Paisley loves it. Josh and I, not so much!

(Christmas post to come...eventually! And a Paxton update. He's 9 months already!!!)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Its been awhile...

 Paisley turned 4!

 We had a Happy Halloween. Princess Merida and a baby Dragon.

 Had family pics taken! I love them!!
And this little guy decided he is going to crawl!

Saturday, August 25, 2012


"Mommy, can I make my "witch" face!?"
Her "Princess" face.
My grown up Little Girl! I cannot believe how fast time is passing by. Paisley will be 4 in October and is growing up like a weed. She even starts pre-school this week!!! I thought I was ready and was super happy to kind of have a break from her (mean for a Mom to say!?) And I knew she would just love it and learn and grow so much. But the other day when I went to the store with her to get her "school" supplies I couldn't help but get a little teary-eyed! I was just watching her walk through the store and talk about her class and how she wasn't going to cry and how I wasn't going to cry because I will see her when she gets back. I can't believe how much she has grown and that she is so ready to leave me and go to school. I can still remember the second they laid her on my chest after she was first born. I was so happy and excited to finally get to meet my little girl and to be able to hold her. She was so little and new and these past almost four years have flown by. She is so smart and ready for school. She loves to learn and play with friends and is so much more of a help with her brother and loves him so much. Some mornings she has a little extra helping of sass, but she wouldn't be Paisley without it! She is energetic, girly, happy and is a light in our life and such a great addition to our family. The other day she was playing with our neighbor and came up with a nickname for him, she kept calling him "sassy-sunshine". I was thinking that was a perfect little description of herself and she didn't even know it! She is our daily dose of sass and our everyday sunshine and we couldn't love her more! I cried when they first laid her on my chest and I'm pretty sure I will cry the day I drop her off at her class. :) I love this little girl more then I could have imagined and am thankful to Heavenly Father for trusting me and allowing me to be her Mother.

Monday, July 9, 2012

3 months

Our little chubby guy is already 3 months old!! The time is flying by and we are just loving having him in our family. He is such a good baby, easy going and loves to smile. He makes lots of little noises now and is getting better at controlling his hands. Loves to kick and coo. He is good when we are on the go, will put himself to sleep and does great at night. (maybe I should stop at 2!??) He really is a great little guy and we are blessed to have him!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Birthday Pics

Paxton's Birthday

Two and a half months late is better then never, right?!...I just want to have it recorded somewhere. So Thursday April 5 about 10 am or so I had my 38 week appt. (days late since my doc was sick that Monday). I was feeling good and was measuring at 4/5 centimeters! Since I was almost 39 weeks we went ahead and scheduled an elective induction for that coming Saturday morning. After my appt I took Paisley to McDonald's for a happy meal and to play since she was good while waiting with me at my appt. While there I was having contractions on and off. We headed home and I laid in bed while Paisley watched cartoons. The contractions started about 1 pm and were coming every 10 minutes, some were only every 6 to 8. I text Josh at work and told him what was going on...and let him know he might need to come home early. (I had called my mom earlier in the day expecting to deliver Saturday so she changed her flight to Friday. I thought I still had a day to clean and grocery shop.) Contractions continued regularly so after about 3 hours of laying in bed I told Josh I thought he needed to come home. After that I called up my friend Hillary, I let her know what was going on and asked if she could watch Paisley for me while we were at the hospital.(Both Grandma's were out of state!) Of course she said yes! (Thanks again Hillary!!) She got to our place a little while later and off she went with our little Paisley girl! I finished getting the bag ready and cleaning up in between contractions while I was waiting for Josh. He got home about 4-ish and thought we should relax for a little while!!?! I think he was in shock about what was happening! :) I told him I didn't want to "relax" that I wanted to go to the hospital asap!(Surprisingly I wasn't nervous, guess I was just ready to meet my little guy!) The contractions had gotten better so I was worried they would send me home, so we left our bags in the car just in case. We checked in about 5 or so and when they checked me I was at an 8! I made it clear that I wanted an epidural, that I did not want to feel this baby coming out! They did not want to speed up my labor since I needed antibiotics so they did not break my water. I had two doses of antibiotics in about 4 hours I think and an epidural. By the time I was done with that I was a 9+ and they broke my water. The epidural was not exactly working so I was in quite a bit of pain. I just laid there crying when they told me it was time to push it hurt so bad, so the lovely anesthesiologist came in and gave me a quick extra dose and I felt lots better. Time to push! I pushed several, several, several times and about 30 minutes later out he came!(sure beats 2 1/2 hrs of pushing with Paisley) 8 pounds 6 ounces and 21 inches long! Mr. Paxton Joshua Brown. It was definitely easier the second time around, but it was just as exciting and such a happy experience. I was bummed that Paisley was not able to come visit us at the hospital since it was cold/flu season. But Josh picked her up from Hillary's the next day and she got to see him through the window and I got to go out and talk to her so that was nice. She was so happy to finally get to meet her little Brother! After a slow going 48 hours we were released and were able to head home. We loved him the instant we found out we were having baby #2 and we loved him even more when we first got to see his sweet chubby face! We are grateful for both of our "bundles of joy" even though some days I may feel a bit crazy in the head and tired. We are thankful to be able to have children and feel blessed to be their parents. We couldn't be happier. :)